Children who participate in this program must be two years old prior to September 1st of the current school year. The focus of this program is to prepare children for those first few steps of separation away from their parents, to introduce the concept of school and the world beyond family. Here they will find their natural curiosity stimulated through intentionally planned opportunities to play, create, explore and experiment both indoors and out. Your child will gain confidence by discovering the answers to their most favorite questions: “why” and “where”. Understanding that children potty train at their own pace, you and your child’s teacher will work together to provide the best environment for success. This program is a three hour program and maintains a maximum of 10 students per day with a 5:1 student teacher ratio.  Families have the option of enrolling their child(ren) our 1 day per week class or our 2 day per week class from 8:45 am-1145 am.