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First day of preschool



‘Twas the night before preschool and all through the grounds,

 the teachers were busy with last minute rounds.

Nametags were written, the spelling was checked.

Not one single item did teachers neglect.

As the morning sun rose on the very first day,

teachers came early  to make sure things were ok.

The cubbies were checked and the counters were cleared,

While the minutes  ticked by and 9 o’clock neared.

Slowly but surely, the children did come.

Mommas took pictures of growing young ones.

While eagerly waiting for class doors to open, the grownups and children were all clearly hopin’

that the day would go well, and the kiddos would learn

 that school is not scary and the teachers aren’t stern.

Hugs were soon given and goodbyes were said.  There was laughter and giggles, few tears were shed.

Straight to the playground, the school day’s begun!

There were new friends to make and plans to have fun!

There were bubbles to blow and balls to be bounced…

“There’s a sand pile with shovels!” one student announced.

Soon the bell rang and children lined up.

 They followed their teachers to chapel, first up.

 Here they learn they are special and they learn how to pray,

 Most important they learn Jesus is with them each day!

After chapel the teachers and children all head

 Back to their classrooms, their hearts had been fed.

 Now on to those matters young students must learn,

 like letters, and numbers, and how to take turns.

Storytime, music, painting and more…

 Just part of our Preschool’s full repertoire.

The time flies by quickly, the day’s almost done.

 The first day is over, but the year’s just begun!