Our Policy

Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool is licensed by the State of California and accredited through the NLSA (National Lutheran School Association) to serve children ages 18 mos. through 6 years of age. We are open to all children on a non-discriminatory basis and shall not exclude any child based on race, creed, national origin, religion, or ancestries.

Our admission procedures are as follows:

Call or email our preschool office and schedule an appointment to visit the school with your child while we are in session.
If you decide to enroll your child you will be asked to complete a registration form and return it to our preschool office along with payment of a non-refundable registration fee.
When a space at the preschool has been confirmed for your child you will receive, or you may download, our enrollment packet. Please complete and return all forms to the school as soon as possible.