Welcome to Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool

Where we have been providing an exceptional learning environment for young children and their families since 1983. We are proud to be accredited through the NLSA (National Lutheran Schools Association) and through this accreditation you can be assured that you have enrolled your child in one of the finest preschools in San Diego’s North County. Children leave our programs well prepared for Kindergarten and the primary grades. Studies show that the most important years of a child’s brain development and learning patterns occur from infancy to age five. By providing a variety of learning experiences for your children based upon their natural curiosity, our program focuses on teaching children how to learn by nurturing their potential and rewarding their efforts. Our goal is to foster the development of your child’s critical thinking skills, nurture their social skills, and develop their communication skills through opportunities of exploration, observation, and experimentation; skills so crucial in building the foundation for a lifetime of learning. This is not your typical child care or preschool but rather a nurturing, Christian, early learning environment based on love, support, and a low student teacher ratio designed to make your child feel at home while growing up. We value the opportunity to set a course for young children to succeed in school and life in the coming years and hope that their early beginnings at Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool will be both memorable and rewarding.

Our Mission

Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool is accredited through the NLSA (National Lutheran Schools  Association) and is a Christian ministry for our congregation as well as an outreach to the surrounding community.  Our school provides young children an excellent early childhood education within a Christ-filled atmosphere where they can rejoice and grow in God’s grace.

Our Philosophy

God's children come first at Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool where we provide a nurturing and Christ-centered environment. Love, patience and respect for one another is at the heart of our program. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is based upon the word of God. Throughout each preschool day children are encouraged to grow closer to Jesus and learn more about Christian life through a saving relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Daily curriculum is designed through a multitude of play based activities that foster creative expression and world discovery. The curriculum enhances the child spiritually, emotionally, cognitively, physically and socially. As a ministry of Mount Olive Lutheran Church, events, programs, and activities are provided to support the whole family within the surrounding community.

Our Educational Goals & Beliefs

We believe that early childhood is valid in itself as a vitally important stage of life.
We believe that a quality early childhood program is based on knowledge of child development and early learning. We ensure our program is of the highest quality by following the accreditation standards set forth by the NLSA (National Lutheran Schools Association), as well as the educational guidelines of Poway Unified School District and the State of California.
We believe learning is rooted in life experiences that allow for exploration and discovery.
We believe that relationships between parents and teachers are essential in order to provide for the maximum growth and development of each child. We encourage parent involvement and support interactions that allow parents and staff to work as a team.

With regard to the above stated beliefs, our Goals for our children are to:

Allow opportunities for choices that will encourage curiosity and exploration while enhancing developmentally emerging skills.
Chart the development of each child in order to provide interactions that are challenging and growth oriented.
Respect and respond to each child’s needs and interests.
Utilize developmentally appropriate curriculum, materials and methods.
Provide an environment where play is valued as a learning experience, while incorporating academics.
Prepare each child for a positive kindergarten experience.

In addition, our Goals for Parents will be to:

Provide an environment where parents feel secure in knowing that their child is well cared for.
Provide ongoing communication to keep parents well informed.
Develop positive relationships with parents based on trust and open communication while ensuring confidentiality is maintained.
Maintain an “open door” policy, where parents are free to visit at any time.